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Blue Diamond Hard Erections Pill Blue Diamond Hard Erections Pill
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Ginseng and deer's antler pills for men enhancement

Ginseng and deer's antler pills for men enhancement
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Price: $6.54
Availability: In Stock
Sku: BJ0140
Model: 9g * 3pills
Average Rating: Not Rated

Ginseng and deer's antler pills is currently the safest and  most effective male natural supplement prodcut, it can gain the best result within few weaks. The unique formula of Ginseng and deer's antler pills make each pill can effectively boost blood flow to penis, increase penis thickness and length, make penis becomes longer, stronger and harder. at the same time, Ginseng and deer's antler pills can enhance sexual libido, prevent  no erection and premature ejaculation, increase you man lasting time and confidence. let you feel how plain and boring your sexual life before. Give him a surprised change! Imaging the smile on her face that you left for your change, she will be proud of you!  

Main ingredients:
L-HCL- increase the blood flow to penis, make penis erect harder and stronger.
Maca - stimulate the libido, and improve males sexual motivation and energy. 
Juniper - prevent penis weakness, and keep longer erection. 
Muirapuamine - loosen penis vessel, keep penis full of blood.  
Ginseng - supplement energy. 
Oat straw - boost the sexual passion and excitement. 

Usage and dosage: one pill per time, take it 10-20 minutes before sexual activity.

1. do not overtake for quick resulte;
2. drink cold water if many times erection with no ejaculation;
3. do not repeatedly take within 24 hours;
4. people with heart disease or high blood pressure can take it. drink alcohol also can take it. 

Specification: 9g * 3pill.

Self-life: 3 years. 

treatment course: 
1-4 weeks   during this course,  your penis will have a obvious increase in length and thickness, at the same you will have a longer erection;
5-8 weeks   after a month treatment, your penis size are increasing no matter erect or not;
9-12 weeks  you will find your penis has been obviously changed, and ereection becomes more powerful and harder, you wii regain the confidence and energy;
13-16 weeks and latter  many people will have 30% growting, maybe your partner can not accept this fact, but it will bring you a satisfied result.

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